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Learning and practising International Shaolin's Ninja Kung Fu is a Complete Mind, Body and Soul experience.

The term Kung Fu refers to the martial arts which originated in China. Kung Fu originated in a place called the Shaolin Temple, where monks practiced Kung Fu for health and self-defense during their quest for enlightenment.Ofcourse ninja and ninjutsu is a part of japanese art but the Shaolin's has adopted the ninja with it's own techniques of Kungfu and that's how the art of Shaolin's Ninja Kungfu was introduced years ago.

What are The benefits of Learning Kung Fu ?

1.Kung fu really is the complete body workout out. Your fitness will improve with each class that you attend.
2.The Kung Fu Styles enhance your self-defense, self-cultivation, physical exercise or spiritual enlightenment.
3.During the course you will notice a decrease in fat, an increase in muscle, and an overall improved sense of fitness , Satisfaction and
well being.
4.your flexibility and coordination will also become more coherent as you learn and understand the history of the routines and the
significance of the structured learning techniques.
5.The mind and body work together to complete the training experience and a sense of pride and achievement is evident as you
become more confident in your ability.
6.The Kung fu Techniques also focusses on intense body conditioning and muscle development.
7.Kung Fu instills Basic defense Techniques and fighting Skills which will enable you to face with the obstacles in day to day life.
8. Kung Fu is very much sportive and exciting and is definitely a very benefcial Life experience . At NISKAM Shaolin Ninja Training
Classes , we have set high standards in teaching and facilitation. And you will benefit from the teaching given here grade to gain
a level of experience required to get you to upgrade to the higher levels.

As the Eight Wisdoms of Kung Fu suggest - respect, loyalty, tolerance, perseverance, patience, dignity, humility and honour ,
our trainers instill these Wisdoms in you and these traits will guide you , not only during the classes but will stay by you so that you are strong
enough to face anything in life. 

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