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We have tarining centers at following locations:

SR Nagar.
Sanath Nagar.
Rajeev Nagar.

You can contact us on 9885154020 any time to get more details and joning.

Why  should  you join Niskam?

There are many reasons you should join the Niskam Fitness Center and consult Niskam fitness Instructors over call or personally.

1.The Practioners and Trainers Niskam Fitness Centre Specialize in teaching a system of techniques, physical
and mental exercises developed as an effective means for self-defense and offense, both using unarmed with and
without of weapons.
2.The various courses offered at Niskam will increase your self confidence and self esteem.
3.Training At Niskam will help you in acheiving physical and mental fitness.
4.The rigurous workouts help you to reduce stress.
5.The Exercises and Techniques taught help you to boost your body Stamina making you more fit and healthy.
6.The courses help Teach you self defence techniques which help you to face the day to day obstacles.
7.It will help You to gain muscle and will improve your body shape.
8.The exercises will enhance your blood circulation. 9.It will improve your body metabolism and burns of fat
10. One of the greatest benefits of Training at Niskam is that the process at Niskam will instill Discipline and attitude which will guide you in the long run. 

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