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Gymnastics is a graceful and artistic sport requiring a combination of strength, suppleness, and muscle coordination. It is increasingly popular at the recreational level and is particularly good as flexibility training. Competitive gymnastics requires very high levels of dedication and all-round fitness, including stamina. Gymnastics is the practice of athletic exercises for the development of the body, especially those exercises performed with apparatus such as rings, pommel horse, bars, and balance beam.

Although gymnastics was likely practised in ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures, its roots for Western culture lie in ancient Greece,
hence the derivation from the Greek word gymnazein, which literally means ‘to train naked’ (gymnos: naked).

Why Gymnastics
1.The athletes learn to show skill, strength and control in the use of the body
2.Gymnastic displays symbolize agility and strength
to spontaneously leap and twist in and out of circumstances and dilemmas, with artistry, grace, and poise.
3.It Helps in improving physical strength, flexibility, agility, coordination, balance and grace.

Although gymnastics is an excellent activity for developing fitness and self-confidence, care must be taken to coach youngsters
properly, and to minimize the physical and psychological risks associated with the sport.

Niskam will provide you 2 types of trainings for Cardiovascular KickBoxing:

Personal Training at our premises/locations.
Home trainings.
Group/Coorporate Trainings.

                                                     Note: Home training is subject to trainer availability.

You can contact us on 0-9885154020 to know the details or write to us at

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