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Kickboxing is a good exercise and helps ones physical fitness. At present the most popular forms of kickboxing which are been practiced are aerobics and cardiovascular or cardio kickboxing. More and more people are opting for these forms of exercises. As per the various studies conducted it has been found that one can loose upto 350 to 450 calories in an hour with kickboxing. It is a very good form of overall bodily exercise and helps in physical toning and shaping up of ones body. Unlike the other types of kickboxing, cardio kickboxing does not involve physical contact between the practitioners. Some trainers also make use of punch bags and jump ropes.

Joining Niskam Hyderabad Kickboxing  academy is one of the ways to reduce mental and body stress, though it sounds a bit surprising
many look at this sport to ease their stress levels. It helps to bring out the anger accumulated in people. The cause of this anger can be
anything considering the enhanced levels of competitions, but if this anger is not released it affects ones body and mind. Sometimes
bringing out this stress may not become possible due to professional commitments or other social bonding. In such situations,
kickboxing comes to the rescue without hurting anyone’s sentiments. Some people practicing kickboxing already have agreed that this
is the best remedy to cope up with stress and is the time when their mind is at its best. The accuracy of actions of limbs also reduces
bodily stiffness.

Women too love kickboxing as they get trained in self defense. The advantages of kickboxing are immeasurable as it consists of benefits
of running, climbing and lifting weights, but its returns are more than any of these. It increases the confidence levels in women
and looking at the growing crime rate against women and children this seems as a breather. Kickboxing is also beneficial as the bones
which become brittle with age can be taken care of by accurate exercise. Therefore the calcium problems in women can be avoided
by early kick off into kickboxing.

"Kick-boxing" was created by a Japanese promotor of boxing matches in the 1950s, Mr. Osamu Noguchi. He wanted to introduce to the
Japanese people what he had seen in Thailand. Therefore he sent some Thai boxers to Japan and founded the Japan Kickboxing
Association. He named the new martial art "kick-boxing". The first kickboxer around the world is Tadashi Sawamura
(real name: Hideki Shiraha) a Japanese karate fighter. Kick-boxing enhances cordination and fitness.

Why Kickboxing?

1.Besides keeping your body fit, kickboxing has other benefits. According to a study by the ACE, you can burn anywhere from 350 to 450 calories an hour with kickboxing!

2.Kickboxing also reduces and relieves stress. Its rigorous workout — controlled punching and kicking movements carried out with the discipline and skills required for martial arts — can do wonders for feelings of frustration and anger. Practicing kickboxing moves can also help to improve balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.

3.Kickboxing is also a great way to get a total body workout while learning simple self-defense moves. Kickboxing fans say the sport helps them to feel more empowered and confident.

So get out there and jab, punch, and kick your way to fitness.

In our Kickboxing classes the emphasis is also on fitness but technique and power are worked on too as well as the practicality of using the moves in a self defence situation. There is no partner to partner contact (no sparring or fighting) but you do get to kick and punch the punch bags, kick shields and focus mitts. Gradings and Belts can also be achieved from the Kickboxing classes.

So What are you waiting for , get out there and jab, punch, and kick your way to a new and powerful fitness. Contact us on 0-9885154020 to know more details.

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